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A Typical One Night Stand

The Frenchman's Cowboy - W.M. Kirkland
These 1 Night Stand stories are, of course, a bit predictable. Two people meet through Madame Eve’s matchmaking service and what both expected to be a wonderful but one-off experience turns out to be the start of the rest of their lives together. After all, Madame Eve knows exactly what she’s doing when she brings people together.
Then again, I don’t read these books hoping to be surprised. What I want and what I get when I read one of these novellas is the story of how one night of unbridled passion gives two people the opportunity to find what they never thought they could have.
This one was no exception. Our two men, while very attracted to each other are convinced they are too different from each other to ever have a future together. And yet they’re unable to stop thinking about the other man and the time they spent together.
The differences between Dustin and Tony are well established in this story. They’re shown not only through the clothes they wear, the cars they drive and the way they treat their bodies, but also in their thoughts. Both had a distinct voice which matched their description perfectly. They also have at least one thing in common, their attraction for each other.


There is a wonderful balance between tender and rough in this story, with both men being reluctant to show their feelings yet not entirely able of keeping them hidden.
While this story is only 30 pages long I did find myself liking Dustin and Tony by the end of it and hoping that they would be able to find a way to make their different worlds, backgrounds and lifestyles melt together. Their bodies didn’t need any more time; they had it all figured from the start.
This book ends on what I would call a hopeful note. It’s not really a happy-for-now as nothing has been resolved, but the reader is left in no doubt that the future might hold happiness for these men. And since this series isn’t called ‘1 Night Stand’ for nothing, that is more than good enough for me.
“They’d had their one-night stand. The next evening they’d have another one. Maybe, eventually, they could string enough of them together to actually make a life.”