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His Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones
““The painting isn’t about you getting covered in tats. I lower my voice. “It’s about you being covered in me.””
I don’t know what it is about Lisa Renee Jones but she always manages to touch me. This woman has a way with words that reaches some place inside me and evokes emotions. And that’s the reason this review will probably end up being more about the quotes than the story-line or my thoughts on it.
Unlike the main books in the ‘Inside Out’ series, in which we follow the story from Sara’s perspective, this novella is told in Chris’ voice.
Sara and Chris are still in France but getting ready to travel back to America and the trail for Rebecca’s murder. It seems that they have dealt with everything Chris felt he had to share with Sara better than he feared they would and have found a balance. Chris needs to be in control of his life and those who share it with him. Just as Sara needs somebody to hand control over to.
“I need this control. She needs a safe place to give it away.”
And now that Chris has asked Sara to marry him, and she has accepted his proposal, it seems that they may be able to look forward to a less turbulent future together once the deal with the issues still waiting for them back in America.
“I told you once that if you stayed with me, I’d own your body. Every last inch of it. Marriage seals that deal.”
Sara has seen all the damage pain can cause. She’s witnessed the need it can create in people and the turmoil resulting from that. And yet, she can’t resist the lure of sensual pain when Chris introduces her to it. She trusts her man, and while Chris isn’t sure how he earned that trust or that he deserves it, he can’t resist using it to enhance their relationship.
“There are two kinds of pain, Sara. Pain meant to create pleasure, and pain meant to be just pain. You’ll never know that kind with me. Never.”
As far as Sara is concerned Chris has shared his dark secrets with her and she’s discovered she can deal with them and still love him. Chris knows better though; there are still levels to his darkness that she isn’t fully aware of and while he’s ready to leave France behind without sharing them, his past isn’t ready to leave them alone. When Chris’ past intrudes on their happiness yet again, Chris wants to confront it on his own but Sara won’t let him. Chris is sure that once this last secret has been revealed to the woman he loves, she’ll leave him.
“But if you run, run fast. Because I’m going to come after you. That’s just the kind of bastard I can’t seem to help being.”
The scenes Sara is forced to witness are dark and disturbing and yet she doesn’t run. The real problem, as far as Sara is concerned, is not that Chris has darkness in his past or even that life can still trigger a reaction and need in him. What bothers her is that he doesn’t trust her to use her own judgement and doesn’t believe in her strength when it comes to dealing with everything he and his past can throw at her
“You told me to see you once before, Chris. I’m begging you to see me now. I love us and you. And I love where you take me, and what you make me feel.”
If I’m perfectly honest I have to say that this book didn’t add a lot to the story so far. There are no new revelations about Chris’ past, and I was expecting something along those lines. Having said that, I did enjoy this story and loved the opportunity to hear Chris’ voice. In fact, I’m enjoying these views from other character’s perspective so much that I’m sorry we don’t get more of them, or longer versions. Still I’m completely invested in this story and can’t wait until I can read more of it. Regardless of whose perspective it will be told from, I know I’ll find myself engrossed in the story and collecting another set of quotes.