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Seasonal, Sweet and Hot

Christmas with Caden - Nikka Michaels
Seasonal, romantic and sexy this was a perfect story to read on a cold winter’s afternoon. I liked Paige Anthony. In fact, she reminded me a bit of me, especially in her dislike of the office party she felt she had to attend for at least a little while.




It was good to see that despite this being a short story, Nikka Michaels had taken the time to build up to the steamy scenes. Too often in books, especially short ones, I end up wondering how on earth the two characters managed to end up in a bed together. In this story it actually felt natural. Between Caden’s pre-existing feelings for Paige and Paige’s growing attraction for her boss’s youngest son it made sense for the two of them to end up exactly where they did.




If I’m honest I have to admit that for me the dance scene was at least as hot as the more intimate ones later on.




“To Paige, nothing was sexier than a man owning his body and knowing how to move it.”




And I always adore a story in which the female lead is at least as strong and self-assured as her male counterpart. Paige is no damsel in distress; she can handle herself and does so quite effectively. She also knows exactly what she wants and how to go about getting it.




“I deserve to take what I want, Caden. What I want right now is to kiss you.”




Did I mention that this is a hot story? Well, it is. It may be short, and I may have wished to spend more time with these two characters but I can’t deny that this story hit all the right buttons for me.




“She wanted nothing more than to make Caden feel good, feel as good as he’d made her feel this whole evening, from cared for to the bone-melting, soul-melting connection they’d had so far.”




I seem to be saying it a lot lately, but Nikka Michaels is yet another author I’ll be keeping a close eye on. I loved ‘Chasing Matt’ the book she co-authored with Eileen Griffin and with this book she has shown herself to be not just a wonderful writer but also a versatile one. I can’t wait to see what might be coming next.


Source: http://meen-readingjournal.blogspot.ie/2013/12/christmas-with-caded-review.html