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Wish List - Sylvia Day Nicholas James has had a thing for his colleague Stephanie Martin for months now. She’s hot, smart and interesting and by the looks of it completely uninterested in him. When he finds a discarded note which turns out to be Stephanie’s wish list he discovers that she is far from disinterested in him. Luck turns out to be on his side when he pulls Stephanie’s name in the office Secret Santa draw; this is his opportunity to make Stephanie’s secret wishes come true while he gets closer to her.

When Stephanie opens the present from her Secret Santa during the office party she immediately knows who gave it to her and that he must have seen the wish list she wrote one day during a boring meeting. And although she can’t deny that Nick is a very attractive man she also knows that he is a player who doesn’t do serious relationships which means that he is no good for her. She’s been there, has done that and has no intention of going back there. But, one steamy encounter with her Secret Santa later she agrees to give him the opportunity to make all her secret wishes come true. For Nick this means that he has a short time to prove to Stephanie that he is serious about her and take away her doubts. Stephanie on the other hand, only sees the deal as a chance to get the sexual tension between them out of the way.

It soon becomes clear that Stephanie may have to deal with emotions she wasn’t expecting while Nick may have go further than he thought in order to convince this woman that he is serious.

This was a charming short love story. Sylvia Day managed to put a lot of story and character development in only forty pages. The reader gets a real impression of the two characters and what drives them without the story being hijacked by long descriptions. In fact, at least fifty percent of the story is about the intimacy between Nick and Stephanie which is hot and sensual as well as beautiful and touching. And while it is of course completely unrealistic that a woman like Stephanie would get over all her reservations concerning a man like Nick over the course of about four days, it does make for a wonderful, feel good Christmas story. After all, if miracles can’t happen during the Christmas period when can we hope for them?

A charming, uplifting and steamy Christmas love story for anyone looking for about an hour’s worth of romantic bliss.