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The Man Who Holds The Whip - Shoshanna Evers I actually rated this book 4.5 stars but it deserves rounding up.

It has been three years since Ian broke up with Grace and crushed her heart when she discovers what the straight-laced lawyer she used to know and hasn't been able to forget is up to now. Ian is a lawyer no more; now he is the man who holds the whip in BDSM videos. Grace's initial reaction is one of disbelief and revulsion, but after watching a video of Ian in action she can't deny that she is also fascinated.

Her curiosity aroused, Grace decides to check out this operation where Ian works, and if getting inside means that she has to sign up for an audition as a submissive, so be it.

Ian can't believe it when Grace walks into his workplace. The Grace he used to know and hasn't been able to forget was pure vanilla. In fact, that's the reason he broke up with her in the first place. And now she is here, claiming that she wants to submit?!

It soon becomes clear that Grace is not a natural submissive, but it is equally clear that she does like the kinky games Ian introduces her too. The big question is whether Grace likes those games enough to consider rekindling her relationship with Ian? And is Ian willing to settle for a "typical life with a kinky nightlife"?

The road to finding the answer to these questions is going to be hot, funny and kinky; for the characters as well as for the reader.

I only discovered Shoshanna Evers earlier this month when I read "Dominatrix Fantasy" but I find that I'm quickly turning into a fan of her writing. This story is a lot sweeter and less hard-core than Dominatrix Fantasy but it is equally well written and easy to get lost in.

I love that the author uses her books to show that there are many sides to kink. It is not always about total submission; BDSM doesn't have to be a 24/7 commitment. While there is nothing wrong with such an arrangement it is no better or worse than a relationship in which BDSM is restricted to the bedroom.

I loved that there were no forced conflicts between the characters in this book. Any misunderstandings between Grace and Ian are a result of Grace's ignorance when it comes to BDSM and Ian having to figure out what it is exactly that he wants. It all makes perfect sense in the story.

This story made me smile and even laugh on several occasions. It also had me captivated and getting quite excited during some scenes. If I had to come up with a complaint it would be that the story wasn't any longer. I wouldn't have said no to more scenes starting these two hot and adorable characters. But I guess that is not really a complaint; it's more like wishful thinking and I guess that I have my fantasies for that.

One thing is sure though; I will have to get myself another book by Shoshanna Evers in the not too distant future.