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Elegy for April  - Benjamin Black No. 3 Quirke Mystery

These are dark stories, set in Dublin in the 1950's. Every character in the book seems troubled and happiness seems a illusion in this world.
Phoebe, Quirke's daughter is worried about April, a friend of hers who's gone missing. When she askes Quirke, who has just signed himself out of a drying out institution for help he reluctantly starts asking questions. He soon finds himself coming up to a roadblock in the form of April's influential family who don't appear to be worried and don't want her disappearance investigated.
Meanwhile Phoebe discovers that she didn't know April, or any of her other friends as well as she thought she did.
As the dark and shocking truth finally surfaces, it doesn't really answer any questions or bring relief.
Defnitely not a cozy mystery or a read that makes you happy. But an interesting look at Dublin in the 50's and a read that somehow fits the darkness of those times.