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The Mac Gregor Brides: Christmas Fairytales - Nora Roberts Romance and Christmas, what's not to like?
Daniel McGregor is 90 years old and the patriarch of a rich and powerful family. And when he decides that it's time for his grand daughters to get married, then that is just what they will do.
One by one he picks what he considers the perfect man for the young women, gets them together and then sits back to let nature and love take their course.
Laura, Gwen and Julia each think they don't have time for love or a serious relationship, but the men Daniel McGregor sends their way are just perfect to them, and the girls take turns finding out that resistence is indeed futile.
This a vintage Nora Roberts, so the stories are predictable, the outcome certain and the relationships sexy. This was also a very comfortable and easy read, with characters it's hard not to like. Sometimes it's so nice to just relax into a story and switch the brain of.