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Silent Mercy (Alexandra Cooper, #13) - Linda Fairstein Make that a 4.5 star rating.
My review to follow later.

Alexandra Cooper and NYPD cop Mike Chapman are amongst the first officials on the scene when the body of a young woman is discovered on the steps of a Baptist church. The body is naked, burnt and headless.
Their investigation has only started when a second body is discovered. Again it is a young woman, but this time her throat was slashed and her tongue cut out, and the church is a Catholic one.
When a link is made between the two women, it becomes clear that they are more than likely dealing with a religious fanatic determine to punish and silence those who threaten his faith. It takes a while longer though to figure out who the fanatic is. And by the time they do, another young woman is in danger and Mike and Alexandra have to put their own lives on the line in an attempt to save her life.
As always this was a well plotted and equally well written mystery. The story was also filled with lots of interesting historical facts about New York, and this time, its religious institutions. I admire and like the way in which Fairstein manages to introduce those facts into the story, without losing the pace of the thriller. It could so easily be the case that the factual information gets in the way of the story itself. I’ve seen that happen in enough books, and it always interferes with my reading enjoyment. Fairstein though manages to avoid that trap and keeps the story going while informing her reader.
For me, this series can’t go on for long enough.