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Angel Kiss - Laura Jane Cassidy Jacki King is a normal 15 year old girl. She loves her guitar, performing and writing songs. She is really upset with her mother for taking her away from all her friends and activities in Dublin to the small rural village of Avarna.
However, it doesn’t take Jacki long to start making new friends and even fall in love with the gorgeous but unavailable Nick. In fact, she would say her new life is quite promising, if it weren’t for the nightmares and headaches she’s been having ever since the move. And things get worse when she starts seeing strange visions, hearing voices and acting out of control.
Although Jacki is a realist and has always believed that the dead are dead and gone, she slowly comes to the realisation that not only is there at least one deceased person definitely not gone, that person also wants her to solve a mystery.
But investigating a decades old murder brings with it dangers of a more worldly nature.

I really enjoyed this debut by Laura Jane Cassidy.
In Jacki King the author has created a believable and likeable character. The issues Jacki deals with in her daily life ring completely true for someone her age and her conversion from sceptic to believer, if somewhat quick, also makes sense.
The mystery around the old murder is interesting and although I did have the solution figured out before Jacki, it was not too obvious.
While this is a shortish and fast-paced story, the author takes the time to describe her characters and the surroundings they live in with enough detail to make them come off the page and create real pictures.
Although this book is a complete story in itself, it could also be the first part in a series. I wouldn’t mind at all if there were future books about Jacki and the mysteries she solves and would most definitely read them. Not just because of the mysteries, but also to find out more about Jacki, her friends and her musical future.