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Little Red Riding Crop (The Original Sinners, #0.6) - Tiffany Reisz The story starts with Mistress Nora in handcuffs, which wouldn’t be that unusual except that these are official issue handcuffs and she finds herself arrested and in a police station. When she’s released her boss, the sexy, demanding and very French Kingsley is there to pick her up. Exhausted after months of constant Dominatrix work, Nora asks Kingsley for time off, a wish he is prepared to grand provided she’ll infiltrate a rival BDSM club first, discovers who the owner is and why they are stealing Kingsley’s staff.
Dressed in a red coat and carrying her little red riding crop Nora knocks on the rival club’s door and finds herself face to face with Brad, also known as “The Big Brad Wolfe”, and she will have to submit to this powerful Dom if she wants to discover the secrets behind this new and very successful club. Submitting to Brad means turning the clock back for Nora, opening herself up to memories she’d rather forget but also to sensations she still thrives on.

This was one hot and fun short story. I’m constantly amazed at how much plot Miss Reisz manages to get into her shorts without losing any of the steamy details. Story by story I find myself loving Nora more and needing to read more about her and those in her world. The Big Brad Wolfe was a very interesting addition to the characters in this series and I can’t help hoping I’ll be seeing more of him in future books.

This story can be found as a free download on the author’s website.