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The Seduction Hypothesis - Delphine Dryden When I read “The Theory of Attraction” last year I was charmed by that “Big Bang Theory goes BDSM” story. So it wasn’t a difficult decision to request this book for review when I found it on NetGalley. I was very ready for more “geek discovers kink” in my life and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed by this book at all.

Ben and Lindsey’s story in this – rather short – book was fun as well as realistic. These two characters have been a couple in the past which means that we didn’t get that “oh my god they’ve known each other for all of two seconds and look what they’re doing” moment. From the very start of this story it is clear that these two people still have feelings for each other despite the fact that their break-up was heartbreaking. I loved the way Ben discovered his interest in kink and just went with it. The fact that he makes a BDSM crib sheet to make sure he lives up to Lindsey’s expectations of what a Dom is and does makes him all the more adorable:

“Key tips for fledgling Doms. When in doubt, make her wait, and establish a safe word before play. The most important fuck is the mind fuck.”

And it may not have been easy for Ben, but he does manage to follow through on that particular instruction only to discover that indeed:

“Delayed gratification is everybody’s friend.”

Lindsey’s doubt about getting back together with Ben, despite his apparent interest in what has become for her an essential part of any future relationship, was realistic. And I’m really grateful that the resolution to that issue didn’t involve endless drama, as it too often seems to do in stories these days.

I could have done with this book being a little bit longer just as would have loved to spend some more time with Ben and Lindsey. This club they intend to visit and the training sessions they want to attend sound like great fun, but I’m going to have to imagine them.

Overall this was a fun, sweet and sexy story and I know that I will be looking for the next “The Science of Temptation” title as soon as it becomes available.