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Two for the Price of One

Rough Around the Edges (Tales from The Edge Book 5) - L.M. Somerton

I’m running out of (new) ways to say how much I’m loving this series of books. I’ve had a soft spot for BDSM stories ever since I first discovered them (much longer ago than I care to admit), but some books/series are more memorable than others and Tales from the Edge most definitely falls on the very memorable side of those scales.


Kai and Harry’s story in Rough Around the Edges is more cute than anything else. Experienced and tough looking Dom Harry falls hard and fast for Kai as soon as he sets eyes on the young man. Harry may not be inclined to admit to himself or anyone else that he’s fallen victim to love at first sight, his thoughts and actions make it perfectly clear that’s exactly what has happened.


Kai is cuteness personified. He may be completely inexperienced when it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships as well as clueless as far as BDSM is concerned, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was born to submit and that Harry is the Dominant for him.


These two men coming together and discovering how well they complement each other was a pure pleasure to read. Their scenes were a perfectly balanced mixture of steaming hot and heart-warmingly sweet.


Of course it’s never plain sailing for these couples. Kai may have been rescued from the conversion clinic, that doesn’t mean that the uncle who put him there is done with him. As it slowly becomes clear exactly what is going on with Kai’s life, the danger becomes more pressing and violent, leading to one or two heart-stopping moments.


As always, it was a pure joy to spend more time with Olly, Aiden, Christian and Alastair and their Masters. I always get a special kick out of running into the earlier couples for a quick catch-up. Olly always manages to make me laugh out loud at least once while Aiden and his relationship with Heath continue to intrigue me.


I’ve passed the half-way mark in this series now and I’m torn between rushing forward and reading the remaining titles or pacing myself and stretching the pleasure out. With the final title in this series, Binding the Edges, being released in five days time I guess I’ll keep on reading so that I can be part of the celebrations on February 10th.



The blurb


When Carey Hoffman hands over the budget for planning the annual Hallowe'en party at The Underground to his sub, Alistair immediately recruits his friends to help. They have several problems to solve—how to plan costumes that mean their Doms wear as little as possible, how to fix a dildo to the dancefloor for a game of kinky quoits and how to ensure that Olly doesn't eat too many cake-pop eyeballs. Throw in a headless monk, zombie special effects and a midnight spanking in to the mix and the party is sure to go with a bang.


My thoughts


This was so much fun. The story’s told from Alistair’s perspective as he’s put in charge of organising a Halloween party. Of course he gets Olly, Aiden, Christian and Kai to help him, and between them the subs come up trumps and the party is all fun and (sexy) games…. Or is it? It is Halloween after all.