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Bullet - Garrett Leigh

I have this thing about Garrett Leigh books. I love them, the style of writing works perfectly for me and without fail I connect with her characters. But that’s where it gets complicated, because I connect almost too well with them. These characters get under my skin, claw their way into my heart and demand that I understand their issues, feel their pain…and I do.


Levi Ramone in Bullet worked his way into my consciousness slowly but surely. At first he appeared to be a tough and somewhat selfish guy. While his reasons for working in the porn business were selfless and went, as far as I was concerned, well beyond what anyone could expect of him, his approach to the scenes he shot came across as single minded with very little room for consideration for his scene partners. But then, as I got to know Levi better, I discovered his attitude is nothing more (or less) than his unconscious method of protecting himself and his feelings. If he doesn’t let people in, they can’t hurt or betray him. His tough outer shell served to protect his fragile core and it works like a charm until, that is, Sonny.


The interactions between Sonny and Levi took the story from raw and at times brutal to touching and beautiful. Despite Levi’s resistance, Sonny manages to slowly break through his defenses and open him up to the possibility that all he has been avoiding and fighting for years might be not only something worth exploring but also something he needs in his life. If I did have an issue with this story it is that I would have loved to spend at least a little time inside Sonny’s head. As much as Levi’s story captivated me and as thrilled as I was to get to know him better and understand his motivations, I never really understood why Sonny wanted to help him even while Levi was almost hostile towards him. Having said that, not getting Sonny’s motives didn’t stop me from loving every single encounter between him Levi.


As for those encounters; they were hot. Few things are as erotically charged as a man pushing his boundaries and discovering that he loves what he has been fearing and rejecting for as long as he can remember. Levi’s voyage of discovery as he gets his head and body used to the idea of bottoming was powerful, both on a mental and a physical level, and kept me mesmerized.


I read book two and book three in this series some time ago and loved them, which makes it all the more surprising it took me so long to get around to reading Bullet, but I’m delighted I got there eventually. I’m even happier to discover that there’s a fourth book in this series to come in the not too distant future. I’ll have to find the time to re-read book two and three before Brave releases.