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Hotter than Hot

Limits (Damon & Pete: Playing with Fire Book 4) - Tantalus, Meredith Russell

This is the fourth short story / chapter in Damon and Pete’s story. We’ve followed them as they moved from what could have been a single, very hot and kinky, encounter to discovering that there might be a lot more for the two of them to explore as well as a growing bond between them.


In this instalment they take Pete’s introduction into the world of BDSM a long way further. Preparations for and subsequently attending the Folsom Street Fair reveals that Pete’s appetite for submission and kink goes further than Damon could have dreamed it might. As a result, their kinky day out is not just about discovering what Pete’s limits might be, because it turns out that Damon has a limit or two of his own when it comes to his boy.


As limits are pushed and feelings deepen it seems that Pete and Damon are on their way to establishing a wonderful dynamic and relationship until a ghost from his past shows up on Damon’s doorstep leaving both the characters and the reader to wonder what this might mean for the fledgling bond between them.


So, to start with what for me was the bad news, this story ends on a cliff hanger and I’m not a fan of those. Having said that, as cliff hangers go, this is a good one; I can’t deny it left me on the edge of my seat and very impatient for the next instalment in this tale. I find myself totally invested in Damon and Pete and can’t wait to find out what this latest development will mean for them and how they’ll overcome whatever obstacles they may encounter. Of course, I do need those answers soon (are you listening, author dearest?).


If you like your fiction kinky and enjoy stories in which sexy times are the main focus without neglecting feelings and growing affection, I can’t recommend the Playing With Fire stories enough. The characters are intriguing, their interactions fun and extremely hot, and the writing is smooth and a pleasure to read—what’s not to love.