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Christmas Perfection

A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

A Family for Christmas was exactly what I needed in my life right now—a light, sweet, sexy and very romantic story which gave me all the good feels. Both Rudy and Zac sneaked their way into my heart for different but equally good reasons.


Rudy is just cute. He’s dreadfully shy and rather insecure when it comes to approaching Zac, who he has been attracted to ever since he started for the same company. The fact that it takes a liberal amount of alcohol for Rudy to make his approach leads to consequences that are as embarrassing as they are, ultimately, the reason the two men start to bond.


Zac has good reasons for being stand-offish. His life so far has shown him, time and again, that he’s not wanted and that people can’t be trusted so he doesn’t let them in and tells himself he’s comfortable on his own. Except that once he’s entered the loving madness that is Rudy’s family home, he can’t convince himself of that anymore.


I loved Rudy’s family. The way they just accept Zac in their midst and are happy to embrace his (presumed) relationship with Rudy was heartwarming. In fact, that is what I loved about all of this book; the easy acceptance of ‘issues’ that are so often the points of heartbreak in the books we read. There’s a trans secondary character in this book and it was wonderful how his transition gets mentioned but only in so far that it becomes clear that it isn’t something remarkable but rather totally accepted. – Can we look forward to a book about Erik maybe?


When I finished the book I had somewhat blurry eyes and a silly grin on my face—in short it was perfection. If, like me, you’re in dire need of love, smiles, Christmas cheer and lightness in these dark times, do yourself a huge favour and read A Family for Christmas.