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Angst and Relief

The Rancher's Son - R.J. Scott

I adored this book. If there is such a thing as the perfect combination of angst and relief, The Ranger’s Son had it for me. There’s so much hurt in this story. There’s Ethan who’s been searching for his Justin, his younger brother, and Adam for twelve years, refusing to believe they’re dead despite never finding a trace of them or a clue as to what might have happened all that time ago. The emotional rollercoaster he embarks on when he finds Adam, the man he professed his love to as a seventeen year old, is stunning. The joy of finding Adam and the frustration and fear when he discovers Adam has lost his memories and can’t provide him with any answers about his brother are in stark contrast to each other.


Adam—sigh. My heart bled for him from the moment he was introduced. He is such a wonderful combination of fragile and determined he took my breath away. I loved being able to follow his journey, even if it was heartbreaking at times.


I was delighted to visit Crooked Tree Ranch again and have an opportunity to catch up with all the characters I’d fallen for in the first book. But the best part of this book for me was watching Ethan and Adam finding each other again, to see their love for each other still pulling them together, despite twelve years and despite lost memories.


This is a quiet sorta romance. The tension isn’t found in a ‘will they – won’t they’ scenario but in the unraveling of what happened in the past and what, if any, dangers it poses for the present and future. I adored Adam and Ethan, I adored their story and I adored the way it was told. It doesn’t get much better than that. To say I’m ready for the next book, A Cowboy’s Home, would be a gross understatement.


On a final note; I’ve got a feeling this may well be one of the most quoted sentences in the genre, and rightly so. It put a huge smile to my face.


“You mean I’m healing you with my magic penis” - Ethan


But, if I’m going to share that quote, I’ve got to include the following sentence as well; you can’t have one without the other.


“Who needs romance when they have access to a magic penis.” - Adam