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Morning My Angel - Sue  Brown

Morning My Angel brought all of my reading favourites together and turned them into one beautiful, fast-paced, unputdownable, and heart-warming story. This book gave me fascinating mysteries to solve, combined it with heart-stopping action to keep me turning the pages, and topped it all off with an utterly charming love story, I mean what’s not to love?


Let’s look at the mysteries first, because there are several. First and foremost (for me at least) was the question as to who exactly was ‘Charlie’ the mysterious man Josh has been exchanging messages with for two years and for whom he’s fallen…hard. I have to admit I was several chapters ahead of Josh when it came to unravelling this question but I’m fairly sure that was the author’s intention. And then there are the unresolved questions related directly to Josh and his team being send to London; where’s the missing man and why exactly are the Americans in England, dealing with a case that’s normally out of their remit? To say that the revelation as to who exactly was the ‘criminal mastermind’ came as a huge shock, which is exactly as it should be in a well plotted thriller. I did raise one or two eyebrows when it came to the explanation as to why it had taken so long to uncover the bad guy, but in the greater scheme of things that was really a minor issue, and afterthought more than something that bothered me while reading.


As for Charlie (of course I’m not going to reveal who he is) and Josh’s love story, that was a pure joy to read. Mostly angst free, the coming together of these two men was portrayed in a charming, at times cute, and overall very satisfying manner. Of course there are issues, but they’re dealt with in an adult and realistic way. I have to admit to reading large sections of this book with a huge grin on my face. Charlie and Josh/Angel together, bouncing off each other (both verbally and physically) were a pure delight.


I’m so happy this book is listed as #1 Angel Enterprises. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Angel and his Charlie. I sorta hope that a future story featuring these two men will be told from Charlie’s point of view. Not because I felt that seeing the whole story through Josh’s eyes somehow short-changed the reader—far from it—but because I’m now so intrigued by Charlie that I’d love to get to know him more intimately.


Well written, with characters who were both charming and fascinating, Morning My Angel came with what for me was exactly the right balance of mystery, action, and romance. This surely is Sue Brown at her best and I couldn’t recommend this book more!