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Family brings comfort

Montana: Crooked Tree Ranch - R.J. Scott

“We can be scared together.”


Is it insta-hate? Insta-disdain? Insta-distrust? Or could it possibly be insta-attraction, forcefully denied? I’ve finished the book and I still haven’t figured it out, but it surely was insta-something before it grew into love.


I love books in which two characters that couldn’t be more different and unlikely to end up together, find their way to each other. And Jay and Nate are as close to complete opposites as it is possible to get…or are they? One may be a city-slicker while the other is cowboy through and through; the one common denominator between the two of them is unmistakable: family. And both men will do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones safe.


I loved the early banter between Jay and Nate, especially since it was clear that both of them used it to keep a distance between them. When they get past their reservations about each other and give into the undeniable attraction between them, the balance between wanting to take it slow and needing hot, hard and fast was glorious and rather enticing.


I’m so glad that this was a relatively angst-free book. Sure Nate and Jay have one or two things they need to get their heads around before they can admit and give in to the attraction between them, but it’s nothing heavy, prolonged or contrived. Having said that, I couldn’t help feeling that the way the various characters found their way toward each other was a bit too good to be true. What are the chances of three members of one family falling for three members of the other family and all those feelings being returned? But, while it maybe didn’t make for the most realistic of plots, it did score huge points on the comfort scale and ensured that I had a smile on my face pretty much all the way through reading this book.


Ultimately the tag line for Crooked Tree Range the book could be the same as the tag line for Crooked Tree Range the resort: Both are all about putting family first— a sentiment that’s bound to leave you feeling happy, just as it did me.


This book sets up one or two story-lines and mysteries which I assume will be dealt with in later books in the Montana series and I can’t wait to see how those stories play out, just as I can’t wait to spend more time with Nate, Jay and their extended family.