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The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume I: That Darn Muse - Dan Skinner, Tina Adamski

I’ve been following (or is it stalking?) Dan Skinner on Facebook for some time now, and it’s safe to say that his ‘Dirkisms’ are one of the highlights of my day. I look forward to finding out what new pearls of wisdom (or is it comedy?) young Dirk has come up with, what his T-shirt might be saying on any given day, or how he’s interacting with his mother (the woman deserves a medal). So, when I discovered Dan Skinner had put together a short book about his friendship with Dirk I didn’t think twice; had to have the book and had to read it.


“This kid is more than a muse…He’s a prick tease. No doubt about it.”


The blurb tells you everything you need to know about this book. In two episodes and an intermezzo filled with ‘Random Dirkisms’ we are told the story of Dirk and Dan meeting, Dirk becoming Dan’s apprentice, and the early months of their acquaintance and getting to know each other.


This is a feel good read, and the fact that these events and conversations really took place only makes that feel good factor skyrocket. These words will either make you smile or laugh out loud. It is impossible not to marvel at the wonder that is Dirk. Clever, quick, and to the point, he’s never lost for a smart comeback. And I love what I’ve seen of Dirk’s mother so far. It is so refreshing to read about a mother – son relationship that actually works, where the two individuals involved get each other, bounce off each other, and obviously trust each other deeply.


I like putting quotes in my reviews and, as shown above, I started doing just that. Then I realised I would have to copy about half the book if I wanted to share everything that had touched me, made my smile, or made me laugh so hard I actually had to stop reading. And since I know without a shadow of a doubt that all these potential quotes are far better when read in context, I decided to leave it at just one, just to whet your appetite.


This is a short read, our opportunity to get to know Dan and Dirk beyond the glimpses we get on social media, and as such it is a treasure. I’m delighted it also ‘just’ the start of the tale. More books are coming and the second one already has a title – That Darn Muse, Volume Two: Daddy and the Rent Boy & A-MUSE-ING – and should be coming soon. For me personally it can’t come soon enough.