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Charming Short

By Quarry Lake - Josephine Myles

By Quarry Lake is a charming short story about two men getting a second chance at love and grabbing it.


When Tommy returns to his rural home after three years he longs to reconnect with Rob, who’s been his friend for as long as he can remember. Well, until Tommy hit him, three years ago, after Rob kissed him. Back then Tommy wasn’t sure what he felt or wanted and scared of his feelings. These days Tommy is out and proud and ready to reclaim what he so carelessly tossed aside all those years ago.


Rob, while having always known he was gay, is still deep in the closet and all but resigned to living his life there. He can’t imagine either his father or the local community accepting him as a gay man, and since the one man he’s always loved has disappeared from his life anyway, there’s no point in revealing his big secret.


When the two men meet again it is at Quarry Lake, the place where they spent long hours together while growing up, before it all went haywire. And it doesn’t take long before both of them know, without a doubt, that the attraction they felt for each other in the past is alive and well. The only question is, can Rob forgive Tommy for his behaviour?


Like I said, this is charming story. Virtually angst free this is the sweet tale of two men who are meant to be together finding each other again. If I have one reservation it is that Rob was very fast to forgive Tommy; I wouldn’t have minded if he’d been made to suffer at least a little bit. But, given that this is a short story which I knew before I started reading it, I can’t complain (too much) about the lack of angst. And the fact that the two men are both sweet and hot together makes up for most if not all of my need for more.


Very well written, easy to read and sure to leave a huge smile on your face, ‘By Quarry Lake’ was the perfect story to read outside in the sunshine on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It almost made me want to jump into my own lake, and if it had been a little bit warmer today, I probably would have.