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Sweet, Touching and Very Sexy

Practice Makes Perfect - Jay Northcote

I’d been looking forward to this book. After thoroughly enjoying both Helping Hand andLike a Lover I couldn’t wait to see what Jay Northcote would come up with next, and she more than lived up to the promise those first two books in the Housemates series made.


Practice Makes Perfect is a touching, sweet and very sexy tale about two young men making an arrangement and getting far more out of it than they could have foreseen. In fact, neither of them knew they were looking for what they end up finding.


The idea seemed so simple and perfect. Dev will help Ewan with his math issues in return for lessons in intimacy and sex. No strings and certainly no expectations are to be connected to the arrangement. In theory it is the perfect solution to two sets of problems, in practice however, it soon becomes clear that the best laid plans can still be turned on their head when the heart comes into play.


Poor Dev, not only is he completely out of his depth when it comes to any form of intimacy, he also has no idea how to interpret the signals Ewan appears to be sending him and it isn’t long before he finds himself wondering whether or not their mutual tutoring deal has morphed in something more…something which won’t stop once they’ve worked their way through his list. Asking is not an option though; if he’s wrong he might end a friendship that has only just been forged.


And I guess, Ewan isn’t much better off. He may know what he’s doing when it comes to giving and taking physical enjoyment, he has no idea what to make of Dev. Is his neighbour only in it to gain experience before throwing himself into the gay scene, or do his blushes and the way he looks at Ewan mean more than that? And why does Ewan suddenly feel that a relationship might not be a bad thing after all?


From start to finish this story was an utter delight. I loved how Ewan jumped into action when he thought Dev had put himself in danger and adored how shy Dev turned into a bit of a daredevil once passion took over. The conflict in this story is mostly the result of the two men not talking to each other when their feelings about the arrangement change. Usually characters refusing to communicate frustrates me and it was wonderful to read a book in which I actually understood why neither of them opened his mouth for the longest time.


With Ewan being Dev’s first in every respect, this is one very sexy tale. From Dev’s first ever kiss, through mutual exploration of each other’s bodies to penetrative sex, Ewan introduces Dev to all the pleasures his body can give and receive, and it was delightful to read, as well as incredibly hot of course.


Jay Northcote has a knack for writing characters that come alive on the page and worm their way into the reader’s heart. Dev and Ewan were no exception to that rule. Also as always, the writing was smooth and flawless and the story almost impossible to look away from once I’d started reading. In short, this was a perfect read on a very rainy Sunday afternoon.


On a final note, I can’t help wondering if I only imagined a hint at a next book in this series. It seems to me that there’s a certain Ryan whose orientation is in dire need of exploring. And I can’t help feeling there may be more to Shawn too. Just saying J


‘“I was an idiot.”

“We both were.”

Ewan grinned. “That’s why we’re perfect for each other.”’



If you’re curious as to what I thought about the two earlier books in the Housemates series have a look at Helping Hand and Like a Lover.