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Fast and breathtakingly furious

Ice (Salisbury Book 2) - Chris Quinton, R.J. Scott

I recently read ‘Heat’ the first of the Salisbury Stories, so I thought I had a pretty good idea what to expect from ‘Ice’—a fast paced, well written, almost impossible to put down thrilling story featuring an against the odds romance.


And that’s more or less exactly what I got, except that it was faster and darker than I’d anticipated and the romance came close to having too many obstacles for me. On the upside, while it took me some time to warm to Devon in the previous book, I was charmed by both characters in this book from the very start and firmly rooting for them, even if I couldn’t quite see how they might pull of a happy ending.


The story starts with tension, danger and a for Greg disastrous turn of events. It changes him and he’s getting ready to say goodbye to his old life and start out on a new path as soon as he finishes one more ‘job’ for the man who’s been keeping him busy with questionable quests for years. This last commission brings him face to face with Jon.


Jon is up to his neck in a tightly scheduled job renovating the woodwork in Laurels when his business partner and uncle injures himself, leaving Jon shorthanded and in need of an assistant. Greg’s appearance when Jon needs help seems too good to be true, but his talent is obvious so Jon hires him.


The attraction between the two men is clear from the beginning. But both Jon and Greg have good reasons for keeping their distance. Jon knows it would be a bad idea to start anything with an employee, and besides, while Greg is charming and Jon can’t deny he wants him, he can’t get enough of a handle on Greg to fully trust him. Greg would love to act on the attraction he feels but tries to pull back because he knows that what he feels for Jon is more than just the heat of the moment, and Greg already knows he’ll have to leave and disappear before too long.


Just as the two men give up the fight and surrender to the passion between them the danger that has been lurking in the background bursts into Greg’s life and Jon has to deal with feelings of betrayal battling with the love he’s already developed for Greg.


That’s all I’ll say about the story itself. It is shortish, it is fast and it is breathtakingly furious at times. For me the story could have been a bit longer. The attraction between these two men grew into real feelings too fast even for my liking and while I’m not a huge fan of angst, the relative ease with which Jon forgave Greg was a bit too good to be true for me.


Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed this read and found myself racing through it if only to find out how these two men could possibly overcome the issues between them and still arrive at their happily ever after. It was wonderful to get another glimpse of Devon, Lewis and Rachel. The writing in this book is faultless and a delight to read, and the balance between tension-filled and more relaxed scenes was spot on. If you like your reads fast paced, thrilling, laced with an edge of danger and mystery as well as hot, you could do a lot worse than reading ‘Ice’ (or Heat for that matter).