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Endless amounts of cute

Doc Brodie and the Big, Purple Cat Toy - Brigham Vaughn, Sally Hopkinson

Doc Brodie and the Big, Purple Cat Toy comes pretty close to being the perfect story for me. In fact, I could almost be persuaded the story was written, if not specifically for me than at least with readers like me in mind. This story was adorably cute, fun to read and contained just enough angst to keep me on the edge of my seat without ever making me uncomfortable.


At first glance, Grant Murchison is the one with all the issues that might keep these two men from turning their mutual attraction into something more and lasting. His previous partner really did a number on him, leaving Grant questioning whether his sexual appetite is even normal, and very afraid to trust again. But, if you look a little closer, it soon becomes clear that Doc Brodie has his own reasons for wondering whether he’ll ever find a man who’ll put up with him. Since his job demands he only works night-time shifts for the foreseeable future, forging a relationship is tricky at best.


When the two men first meet, Grant is embarrassed to say the least. Admitting what exactly his cat, Mollie, had eaten was excruciating for him, especially since he already questions his hunger for sexual release. Dr. Brodie handles him well though, almost as if he’s dealing with another scared but adorable creature, and when the two men meet again outside the surgery, it doesn’t take long for sparks to fly.


In fact, things go so well it’s hard to believe anything could come between these two men and their journey to a happily ever after… until something does. Good (or should I say naughty? J) Molly comes to the rescue though, and Doc Brodie is determined not to let his second chance pass him by.

I adored everything and everybody in this story. Both Grant and Brodie are wonderful and easy to like men, and obviously meant for each other. Their pets, the adventurous Molly and the huge but loveable Ruby are as cute as their owners and regularly put a smile on my face, unless Molly was doing her utmost to scare me and Grant out of our minds.


As always Brigham Vaughn’s writing is smooth. Her carefully chosen words paint vibrant pictures. The story moves with ease from start to finish; never boring, never rushed, always gripping and without any filler material.  


If you’re in the mood for a wonderful feel-good story with only minor angst and endless amounts of cute, you’ll want to pick this book up immediately.