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Picked Fresh - Posy Roberts

When I read Farm Fresh (click on the title for my review), I fell for Jude and Hudson. I read their individual and combined struggle to overcome their issues and learn to trust each other and themselves enough to open up to each other and the attraction between, them with bated breath.


I’m so delighted that Picked Fresh continued their story. While Farm Fresh may have brought the two men together, they still have some way to travel before they recognise that the feelings they have for each other are mirror images. So how appropriate is it that most of the story in this book takes place while the two men are on a road trip; a journey that will force both of them to reconnect with a past that has left them hurt and bruised but may also provide them with closure and answers to questions they were too afraid to ask.


We get to know both Jude and Hudson a lot better in this book. In fact, Picked Freshcould be seen as the book we usually don’t get to read; the story of what happens after two characters reach their happy for now. Since I’d fallen hard for these two characters in the first book, I was only too delighted to reconnect with them and join them on their journey closer to each other. I loved that Posy Roberts gave both Jude and Hudson the opportunity to face their past, find closure as well as new ways forward without making it feel too good to be true. And I’m especially glad that she did this without making the story overly angsty. I could say a lot more about that, but that would mean spoilers, so I’ll leave it at this: you really want to read it—trust me.


Jude and Hudson are so very beautiful together. Even while neither of them is completely honest with the other about the depth of their feelings and what they really want from the relationship between them, they’re there for each other when it matters; putting their own issues aside if it means an opportunity to help the other. And, since this is a sex positive series, their bodies often do the talking when words fail them.


The sex and intimacy between these two men is hot as well as selfless and glorious. From Hudson making himself totally vulnerable to Jude pushing himself a long way out of his comfort zone to give Hudson what he needs, their interactions were breathtakingly beautiful.


Posy Roberts’ writing is wonderful. Her sentences flow with ease and the story almost reads itself. I’m so glad I started the book on a day I had lots of time to read because I don’t think I would have been able to put it down even if something important had demanded my attention. From Jude and Hudson finding themselves and then each other to both men working to save the commune, I had to keep on reading until I was sure all would be right in their universe.


With Hudson and Jude resolving most, if not all, of their issues in this book I wonder whether or not it is time for Charlie and Leo’s story now. While we get little more than glimpses of their relationship and issues in the first two books, it is obvious there’s a lot more to them and I can’t help feeling they have a journey ahead of them at least as intriguing and touching as Hudson and Jude’s has been. I have to admit though that regardless of who will end up being the main players in the next Naked Organics book, I will devour it as soon as it becomes available. With this series, Posy Roberts has created an intriguing world and inhabited it with fascinating and endearing characters. It is safe to say I am well and truly hooked.