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Fast and Furious

The Runaway Gypsy Boy - Brina Brady

Wow! This is one fast and furious book in every possible way. The story in The Runaway Gypsy Boy starts off with tension and action and doesn’t let up until you’ve read every single one of the 93.000 words. This is one of those ‘take a deep breath and hang on to your seat’ sorta books, in which the story jumps from one tension and/or action filled moment to the next without allowing either the characters or the reader a moment to catch their breath. Because when it isn’t the problems connected to forging a new relationship causing ripples, it is either the danger stemming from Daniel’s background rushing you along, or the hot sex making you gasp.


To be perfectly honest, for me that was both a good and a not so good thing. While I love a story that grips me and pulls me along, I do also enjoy one or two quieter moments just to catch my breath and reflect on what I’m reading. I didn’t get many opportunities to relax in this book. The moment one problem appeared to have been resolved, the next one popped up and I’d find myself at the top of that rollercoaster again, holding my breath while anticipating what might be coming next.


I liked both Daniel and Ronan. It was hard not to feel sorry for Daniel who finds himself having to run away before he is fully prepared to leave, just as Ronan tugged at my heartstrings because of the love he’d lost a year earlier and the pain that still causes him. Just like everything else in this story, the attraction and connection between Daniel and Ronan is instant and, uncompromising and full-on, although not without its issues. With Ronan being an experienced Dom and Daniel only barely aware of what BDSM is, both men have a steep learning curve ahead of them and the path is by no means without its pitfalls. Add to that the danger posed by Daniel’s family, and you find yourself caught up in a breathtaking tale.


Of course, for me personally, this story had the added bonus of being set in Ireland, the country I’ve called home for the past nineteen years.


If you enjoy your stories fast paced, danger filled and hot, there is a very good chance you’ll thoroughly enjoy Brina Brady’s latest release.