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Wonderful AND for Charity: WIN - WIN

Why Love Matters - Jay Northcote

I’m not really surprised I adored this story. I’ve been an out and proud fan of Jay Northcote’s writing for some time now and would have been surprised if Why Love Matters hadn’t been a hit for me.


I loved Alastair’s journey from closed off and afraid of physical interactions with others to not only being comfortable with bodily contact but actively looking for it with Martin and welcoming hugs from others. Martin was such an adorable character. His patience and sense of humour were exactly what Alastair needed to find his new comfort zone. And the two men together were charming and oh so sexy.


As always, Jay Northcote’s writing is smooth and flawless, the characters—both primary and secondary—come alive on the page, and the dialogue sparkles. The author finding the perfect balance between fun and feelings, doesn’t come as a surprise either. There’s little to no real angst, but that doesn’t mean Alastair doesn’t go through difficult moments in this story. Every single one of his comfort zones gets stretched, but while this leads to anxious moments for him, it doesn’t turn heavy or soul-crushing. I basically smiled my way through this story, thoroughly enjoying myself in the company of these two charming young men. The fact that this story struck a personal chord with me, since someone not too far removed from me isn’t overly found of touchy-feely interactions either, only made the reading experience more personal and enjoyable.


As per the author's request, I won't be adding her bio or links to her social media accounts. I do however want to share the link the her post about this initiative since it explains why she felt compelled to release this book and how those who buy the book can keep up with the money being raised for charity: Why Love Matters - charity book release announcement


All that remains for me to say is that there are at least two very good reasons to rush to your favourite site and buy this book: 
1. All the proceeds will be split between two very worthy charities
2. It was written by Jay Northcote.