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Charming, if somewhat frustrating

The Dark Angels: With Wings - Z. Allora

If I had to label this book I would probably say: a favourite among titles containing my pet peeve. J


It is no big secret that one thing to always get my reader’s hackles up is characters not communicating with each other when just a few words at the right time would have dealt with the issue at hand. Sure, I get that the story needs drama, and that the fact that the characters aren’t talking means the drama is high and mighty, but it infuriates me as much in books as it does in real life.


Having said that… (I bet you saw this coming) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Even while I wanted to smash Angel and Dare’s heads together in order to make them see sense, I adored both of them and couldn’t help hurting with them as they ran into what they thought were obstacles.


In fact, apart from the lack of crucial communication, I loved everything in this book. Dare and Angel are sexy and charming main characters. The secondary characters surrounding them are as intriguing (and as potentially sexy), and I’m looking forward to reading their stories. Seriously though, what’s not to love: A rock band with sexy band members, a sweet yet torturous love story and a trip to Bali? If those ingredients don’t spell out wonderful read, I don’t know what else you might be looking for.


Sexy times play a huge role in this story. And when I say ‘sexy’ I mean ‘steaming hot’. Dare’s introduction to experiences and feelings he’d been denying himself for far too long was as beautiful as it was arousing. Angel sure knows how to turn on his seductive charms and over the course of this book he managed to hook both Dare and me. 


Overall this was a fast paced, fascinating and very hot read. I’ll have to read more books by Z. Allora in the not too distant future. Clearly I’ve been missing out.