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"Return to Zero" (Shatterproof Bond Book 2) - Isobel Starling

Return to Zero is the third book in this series I’ve read over the past month and a half and I have to say so far the Shatterproof Bond stories have captivated me.


The blurb gives you a pretty good idea what this story is about, except that it doesn’t spell out that these are by far the most dangerous situations Sam and Declan have ever found themselves in. One or two moments were truly heart-stopping and I found myself frantically turning the pages (or rather swiping my screen) for most of the last 25% of this book.


But, just like the earlier titles, this book offers much more than ‘just’ action and suspense. Sam and Declan are as funny and as sexy as they’ve always been. What’s more, their relationship is growing ever stronger, be it that the path to understanding each other isn’t always smooth.


Return to Zero features an interesting collection of secondary characters and doesn’t shy away from tackling modern day issues either, making this a truly well-rounded story. I enjoyed the combination of sexy, dangerous, thought-provoking, angsty and light-hearted. Just like the previous two titles, Return to Zero gave me a fast-paced story I needed to finish in one sitting.


I love that we get to know both Sam and Declan better with each book. Who they are and what their lives were like before they met is slowly revealed, and each new disclosure adds another layer to their personalities. Seeing Sam deeply scared after only knowing him as cocky and confident was both heartbreaking and touching, just as Declan’s revelation about his past brought tears to my eyes.


And that’s the reason these books have been a hit for me; they give me the exact right balance of suspense, humour, sexiness, romance and feels. What more can you ask from a book?


I have to say I’m very glad I stumbled across Isobel Starling and As You Wish about six weeks ago. Sam and Declan have turned into characters I enjoy reconnecting with. I’m already looking forward to their next adventure, because danger’s still lurking.