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A Beautiful Taboo

Let Your Heart Decide - Lily G. Blunt

Let me start by making something very clear: this is a TABOO story. The lovers in this story are BROTHERS. If this is not to your liking, this book and this review are probably not for you J


With that out of the way I want to say that I loved this story and count myself lucky I was allowed to beta read it for the author. There are a few levels to this story and for me they all worked. This book starts on a very emotional note, drawing the reader in immediately, before settling down a bit and introducing the situation and characters. Except that the reader isn’t allowed to relax for very long because next thing we (and Rhys) know, ghostly apparitions keep both him and his audience guessing.


The attraction between Rhys and Jake is palatable just as Rhys’s doubts and hesitations make perfect sense. Their reunion after two years apart and their journey back towards each other had me on the edge of my seat even more than the ghostly part of the story had. While the mystery certainly captivated me I couldn’t wait to see when and how Rhys and Jake would find a way to be all they were destined to become.


The secondary characters in this story were equally fascinating. It took me a while to figure Rhys’s neighbour and his role in the story out, and even longer for me to make up my mind about him. I love that; there’s nothing quite like a story that keeps me guessing to rope me in and keep me hooked. Between the ghosts, the unconventional love story and Philip, there was more than enough in this story to keep me captivated and turning the pages as fast as I could read them.


I was rather impressed with the balance the author managed to strike between the very realistic angst especially Rhys experiences whenever he contemplates giving in to his feelings and desires and the relative ease with which he eventually surrenders to that which cannot be denied. Maybe most of the people in their lives show more acceptance for the  situation than you’re likely to encounter in real life, but for me it worked, especially since this is also a ghost story and therefore only loosely set in our world at best anyway. J Besides, I like my endings happy, even if they’re happier than they’re like to be in reality because I’ll never stop hoping that one day tolerance—both when it comes to the books we read and to the relationships we want to have in our lives—will be the norm.


If you enjoy your books with supernatural elements and a healthy dose of taboo romance, I highly recommend Let Your Heart Decide.