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A touching tale

The Guy With The Suitcase (Once Upon A Guy Book 1) - Chris Ethan, Ethereal Ealain, Jules Robin

This book is not for the faint of heart. Pierce and Rafe are put through far more than their fair share of shit before they get to their happy ending. In fact, so many obstacles are thrown in their way it is a minor miracle they survive it all, never mind find their way to happiness.


When these two young men first encounter each other it is anything but a good start. I think it is safe to say that after that first ‘meeting’ it’s a minor miracle they end up as friends at all. That first meeting is also a good indicator of what the first few months they spend together will be like; tough, hostile and often hopeless with initially far more downs than ups. But neither man is willing to just give up. While the hopelessness of their situation as homeless youths threatens to bring them down more than once, they persevere. Especially Pierce refuses to let the system win.


As the reader you are aware, almost from the start, that these two guys are not only attracted to each other but also meant to be together. Pierce and Rafe take longer to come to that realisation though; mostly because the two of them are just not

point of skimming over passages just to get to the part where they do talk again. Not so in this book. For these two men it made sense not to talk to each other about their feelings considering how it was being honest with their families which landed them on the streets in the first place.


I loved the message I found in this story; perseverance pays. It may take a while but continuing to fight does lead to results for Pierce and Rafe. I liked these two young men together, fighting the system and beating it. And I loved that amid all the ugliness, cruelty and indifference they encounter, they also met good souls, friends and charity.


The ending was somewhat fairytale-like and I’m not sure the story needed it, since these characters were always going to make it. But, I’d come to care about Rafe and Pierce enough to not begrudge them their miracle.


Overall this was a touching, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting story. It portrayed human kindness and perseverance with as much care for detail as it did the horrors of living on the street, getting the balance exactly right for this reader. I’m looking forward to seeing what this author will offer us next.