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A Historical Little Treasure

If It Ain't Love - Tamara Allen

If I had to characterise this book in just a few words I’d say: hidden gem. I’m so glad I came across this author and her book while scrolling on Facebook a few days ago, and I have to say I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this story before.


Flawlessly written and utterly enthralling, If it Ain’t Love captured me in the first paragraph and kept me in its thrall until the very last full stop. This is a gentle story about human kindness even when surrounded by despair and desolation, a tale about the power love and generosity have to see us through the bleakest of times; a story to restore your faith in human decency.


I don’t want to say anything about the story beyond what you can find in the blurb. You should discover for yourself, just as Whit Stoddard does, exactly who Peter is and why, when we meet him, he’s so very sad. Suffice to say that this book brings you two likeable yet far from perfect characters who’ll you be grateful to have met and sad to say goodbye to when the story ends.


What I do want to share with you is that I’m in awe that this author managed to convey the darkness of living through the depression without ever making this a depressing tale. It’s rare that a story manages to say so very much, and eloquently as well, using so few words. And I’m still wondering how Tamara Allen managed to make this a very sexy story without a single scene containing graphic descriptions.


I loved every minute I spent reading If it Ain’t Love and was left feeling hopeful and uplifted when I finished the story. All too often when I read a short story it leaves me kinda frustrated that there wasn’t more too it. That was not the case with this book. While I wouldn’t have complained about spending more time with Peter and Whit If it Ain’t Love tells a full and detailed story in an unrushed and engrossing manner.


Clearly I’m going to have to investigate Tamara Allen’s other books. If this one sets the standard, I’m in for a few wonderful treats.