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Gripping and Memorable

The Law of Attraction - Jay Northcote

What can I say? This is another winner for Jay Northcote. I haven’t read a book by this author that I haven’t loved and The Law of Attraction was no exception to that rule. There is so much to enjoy in this book. The story kicks off with a very hot one-night-stand except that what should have been a once-off encounter between two men, Alec and Ed, who never meet again turns into a complicated situation when Ed turns up at Alec’s office two days later to start work as part of Alec’s team.


Ed is easy going and completely comfortable with who and what he is. Alec on the other hand is deep in the closet with no intention of ever coming out, which makes his undeniable attraction to Ed extremely frustrating.


Ed is just as attracted to Alec but not prepared to conduct a secret affair, no matter how much he wants to be with Alec. Alec will have to man up, come to terms with who he really is, and out himself to his family and colleagues if he wants to have a chance at a future with the man he’s falling for…hard.


The Law of Attraction is a long book, compared to Jay Northcote’s other stories but I found it just as difficult to put down once I started reading as I did the novellas. Alec and Ed sucked me in to their world and it wasn’t long before I was rooting for them and urging Alec to get his act together. I have to admit that there were moments, especially early on in the story, when I had a hard time liking Alec. His frustration makes him treat Ed in less than honorable ways and for a while it was only the fact that Ed wasn’t prepared to condemn Alec which stopped me from doing so.


Ed on the other hand is easy to like and love. And once Alec does let his guard down and allows Ed to see who he really is, I forgot all my issues with him and rooted for both of them.


For a story in which one of the main characters has major issues, The Law of Attraction was remarkably angst-free, which suited me just perfectly. As I’ve come to expect from this author, the book was also very well written, the characters well developed and the sex scenes hot as well as tender. The Law of Attraction was a joy to read and yet another confirmation—if I needed one—of Jay Northcote’s prowess when it comes to telling a gripping and memorable story.