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Very Satisfactory Conclusion

Trust (Connection Book 2) - Brigham Vaughn

All too often when I read a romance I’ll finish the story and sit back thinking ‘yeah! Nice! But what happened next?’ Because that’s the thing with romances, isn’t it? You read two hundred pages of two men trying to overcome all their issues so they can be together, get to spend twenty pages with them while they declare their undying love for each other and then the story ends and you’ll just have to believe the happy ever after really happened. And while this isn’t an issue for me, I do often find myself wondering about what the future would hold for the two characters.


In many ways Brigham Vaughn answers those questions in this book, and it was as satisfying an experience as I always thought it might be. When ‘Connection’ ends Jeremy and Evan seem to at last have found their way too each other. We leave them together, in bed, and we dare hope that they’ll be happy together.


Trust starts the morning after Connection ends and from the start it is clear that these two men are only at the start of their rocky road. Sometimes love alone isn’t enough and Jeremy and Evan are learning that the hard way.


Jeremy and Evan charmed me as often as they infuriated. For every time I wanted to squeeze them in a tight hug and comfort them I had a moment when it was all I could do to not shout at my Kindle that they should just talk to each other, stop introspecting and start believing. But of course, that is what this story is all about; Jeremy and Evan’s journey to the moment where they are able to believe in themselves and in each other—the moment when they can both trust that they are good enough and that together they’re perfectly imperfect. And seeing Evan find inner strength and confidence was as beautiful as watching Jeremy as he overcame his insecurities and stopped looking at himself as only half the man he used to be.


Evan and Jeremy’s journey in these two books was heartbreaking and delightful, sad and funny, frustrating and uplifting. Most of all, their journey was beautiful and memorable and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


On a side note I have to say that I also enjoyed catching up with the gang from the Equals series again. They featured enough to give us an insight into their lives but not enough to take the focus of Evan and Jeremy. The balance was just about perfect. And I think I may have spied another spin-off in the making while reading Trust. I’m looking forward to that tale when it comes.