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Wonderful start to a great series

Frankie & Al - Sue  Brown

Anybody following my reviews will realise that only yesterday I shared my thoughts on Jordan & Rhys, the fourth title in Frankie’s Series. Yes, I am a ‘bad’ girl for only now reading the first book in that quartet, but it is most definitely a case of better late than never.


Frankie and Al was sweet, fun, quirky and very enjoyable. It is hard not to fall like a ton of bricks for accident prone Frankie, even if most if not all of his mishaps are of his own making. How can you not develop a soft spot for this charmer, who wears his heart on his sleeve and has no problem making fun of himself and his antics? It is hardly surprising Al gets captured the very first time they run into each other, even if that first meeting is far from pleasant.


Where Frankie comes across as flighty and whimsical, Al is a solid rock of calm and restraint and, as a result, exactly what Frankie needs in his life. Sure, their getting together may be a prime example of insta-love, but it works so very well it is hard, if not impossible, to take issue with that. And while the attraction may be immediate, their coming together takes a while longer, which means they get to know each other before it all gets hot and steamy, and the reader is given the same opportunity.


This is a more or less angst-free story, always a big plus for me. Sure, Frankie goes through more than his fair share of set-backs but given his attitude he never comes across as a martyr. Al has to face a major trauma too, but for both men the problems they encounter are unconnected to the developing bond between them. In fact, it is fair to say they both find their issues more manageable because they other is there to help them through them.

This book came with a fair amount of laugh out loud moments which balanced more or less perfectly with the more emotional side of the story. Sue Brown once again gave us two characters who were easy to fall for and told their story in her usual flowing rhythm. The Frankie Series is most definitely a favourite of mine.