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Devoted in Death - J.D. Robb

As any follower of my reviews may have noticed, I’ve switched genres over the past two years or so. In the process I’ve started to neglect some series I used to read compulsively. Right now they’re just not calling my name and until they do that again, I’ll leave them be. The In Death books by J.D. Robb are an exception to this rule. Whenever a new instalment arrives in the library I make sure to be the first person to bring it home, eager to catch up with Eve Dallas, Roarke and the rest of their crew again.


These books are my go-to comfort read. I know exactly what to expect before I read the first word. There will be a gruesome crime(spree), a hard to solve mystery, an enticing and sexy ongoing romance between Eve and Roarke, lots of snarky and laugh-out-loud conversation and not a single dull moment. Yes, I guess these books are formulaic, but as formulas go, this one works very well.


As even the characters in Devoted in Death agree, the crimes in this book are more horrific than what we’ve seen in previous books. In fact, it makes me wonder about the way the author’s mind works. She describes the feelings and motivation of the killers so well I could almost believe she knows what she’s talking about. But I guess, that’s part of the magic; the fact that J.D. Robb / Nora Roberts has this wonderful gift when it comes to portraying characters – both the sympathetic ones and those you’d never want to meet in real life.

It feels as if I’ve build a relationship with the characters in these books. With Eve and Roarke for sure, but also with the other regulars. All their stories progress as the series moves on and it is fascinating to observe. And because I’m totally wrapped into all their stories now, it is safe to say I’ll continue reading the In Death books for as long as J.D.Robb continues to write them – regardless of what direction my reading taste may veer off in otherwise.