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Complex and very satisfying

Half Moon House - Theo Fenraven

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be allowed to beta-read Half Moon House for the author.


Anyone who regularly reads my reviews knows that I’m a huge fan of Theo Fenraven’s writing. Ever since I first read Blue River in December 2013, I’ve been in awe of the way he manipulates words and his huge range when it comes to subjects and genres. It therefore won’t come as a big surprise when I say that once again this author managed to write a story which blew me away. I can’t believe Mr. Fenraven managed to surprise me once again


It is a lot easier to tell you what Half Moon House isn’t than exactly what it is. Without giving anything away, because this book should be experienced without any preconceived ideas, I can say Half Moon House gives the reader romance, devastating heart break, a mystery, ghosts, and legal drama all as experienced by two characters who appear to have very little in common and yet are perfect for each other.


In previous reviews I have mentioned how much I love it when a book manages to surprise me, and Half Moon House did just that. Most books will tackle one or two issues and, if there are more, they tend to show up in a logical if far from realistic sequence. Real life doesn’t work that way. We all know that when something goes wrong in one part our lives it usually means shit is about to hit the fan in several other areas as well. The same is true for Jon in this book. His simple, if maybe not quite satisfying and somewhat boring, life is blown apart in this story and everything happens if not at exactly the same time than at least in very quick succession. As a result, neither the reader nor Jon and Cass are given the opportunity to catch their breath while they are hurled from one issue to the next.


Cass *sighs*. I fell hard and fast for Cass. While I liked Jon and hurt for him as his life fell apart, Cass dug his way into my heart and took up residence. There was nothing I didn’t like about him but his easy going attitude towards life resonated with me on a deep level.


And just when I thought the book couldn’t possibly hold any other surprises or delight me anymore than it already had, Theo Fenraven made my day by allowing me to spend more time with Percy Callendar and Sage Donovan from The Haunted Maze.


Long story short: I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Theo Fenraven’s writing is as beautiful, descriptive yet sparse as always. His characters touched me and the story made me think about several issues. As a reading experience this book hit just about every one of my buttons. I am once again impressed.