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Review & Excerpt

Top Me Maybe? (BFP: The Secrets Collection) - Jay Northcote

I could keep this short and sweet and just say, Jay Northcote did it again. And, I wouldn’t be lying. But, two lines don’t really make a review so I’ll try to elaborate.


Top Me Maybe is a short, sex driven story. And yet, it is so much more than just a sexy tale. Within less than ten-thousand words Jay doesn’t only manage to give us two extremely hot encounters but also to flesh out Tyler and Duncan enough to leave the reader with a real impression of who they are. It is so easy to write a review about a short story and say something along the lines of ‘if only it had been longer’. And do not get me wrong, I would not have complained if I had had to spend more time with these two characters. However, I don’t need that extra time with them. This story is a full and finished – be it short – tale. It gives us a snapshot of a relationship while it’s on the verge of shifting from more or less casual hook-up into something more and deeper – something that might have a future.


This story is perfect if you happen to find yourself in the mood for a hot, quick tale which will leave you uplifted, satisfied, and with a happy smile on your face. In fact, I’d go as far as to say you can’t go wrong with this author’s books in general. If Jay Northcote is a new to you author, Top Me Maybe is a wonderful introduction to her story-telling talents, her life-like characters and her smooth way with words.




“What do you want to talk about?”
Tyler thought for a moment then answered, “Sexual fantasies.” They hadn’t had that conversation yet. Not in any detail anyway.
“Okay.” Duncan sounded a little dubious. “You can go first then. Seeing as it’s your idea.”
“God. I have loads… where to start? Okay, one of mine is deflowering a Catholic priest or a monk or something—someone who’s taken a vow of celibacy, but in the fantasy I’m so hot they can’t resist me.” Tyler’s cheeks heated at the admission, but somehow it was easier having this conversation in the dark when Duncan couldn’t see his face. “Another is having sex in public…. Not in the park or something—that would be a bit skeevy—but somewhere people have come expecting to see it, like a live sex show. Or maybe being in porn, knowing that people were watching me and jerking off watching me fucking someone else…. That would be hot.” He stopped because Duncan hadn’t reacted. “Well? It’s your turn now.”
“I feel really boring in comparison,” Duncan said. “Your imagination is wild.”
Tyler chuckled. “Yeah… well I was a late starter in the practical side of things. Didn’t even kiss a guy till I was seventeen, so I spent a lot of time wanking in my bedroom thinking about stuff like that. Anyway, come on. There must be something you fantasise about. It doesn’t have to be something you actually want to do for real. I don’t think I’ll ever actually shag a priest or make a porno, but it’s fun thinking about it. It turns me on.” He wriggled a little closer to Duncan, pressing his thickening cock against the curve of his arse and combing his fingers through the hair on Duncan’s chest.
He waited for Duncan to respond, and the silence stretched out long enough to get a little awkward.
“Hey, you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable sharing,” Tyler said. Suddenly he was worried. Maybe Duncan was into something really kinky? Maybe Tyler didn’t want to know what his fantasies were. “Don’t worry about it, we can—”
“I think about being fucked.” Duncan’s voice was quiet, a deep rumble that vibrated in his chest under Tyler’s hand.
Surprise hit Tyler at the admission. It wasn’t what he’d expected to hear from Duncan at all. But he didn’t react, waiting for him to elaborate. But he didn’t, so Tyler prompted, “And?”
“That’s it.” Duncan took a deep breath, his ribs expanding under Tyler’s arm. “I’ve never bottomed. But I… I fantasise about it. About being fucked by another guy.”