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Wonderful and Touching

Dragons (Romance on the Go) - Jaycee Edward

I don’t usually mention the cover of a book when I write my thoughts on the story down. In general, I’m not much of a cover girl and I guess I’m even less so now that I get most of my books in e-format. Dragons, however, is the exception that proves the rule. Not only is this one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen, it is also the perfect cover for this book. The young man on the left is exactly – and I mean exactly – how I imagined Joey. The cover artist, Jay Aheer, did the most amazing job when she created the cover for Dragons.


And talking about Joey; I wanted to wrap him up in my arms and keep him safe from the very first moment I met him in that hospital waiting room. Will is ‘just’ this amazingly wonderful man right from the start and that never changes. Joey is adorable, he touched my heart the first time he appeared on the page and stayed there, sometimes making the beats skip and sometimes making my heart swell in my breast. He had me captivated.


Jaycee has a knack for heart-rending stories. She manages to draw her readers in to her character’s lives to such an extend it is impossible not to get emotionally involved. And some of her sentences and descriptions are pure jewels.


Joey’s description of Will when he sees him in the bar brought Will to life for me.


“...Will stood out in his crisp, white shirt like an awkward angel.”


And the description of the toy dragon in the middle of Joey’s big bed evoked emotions far beyond just a visual image.


“The little purple warrior held his ground in an obvious last ditch effort to fight off its bleak surroundings and the onslaught of adulthood.”


And the following sentence is simply a thing of beauty, and a very accurate description of the Joey I’d fallen in love with by that stage of the story.


“Joey was fragile. That was blatantly obvious, but Will suspected inside his porcelain shell raged the heart of a warrior.”


I would love to also quote my favourite line in this book but I resist the temptation. That’s something you’ll have to discover for yourself and appreciate in the right context. I bet it will leave you with as big a grin on your face as had.

To summarise: Dragons is a short but fully formed story about two adorable characters. The story strikes an almost perfect balance between sweet, touching and angsty. And I have to say that for a sex free tale, Dragons is rather hot. If you’ve got about an hour to spare and are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable read, you can’t go wrong with Dragons.