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Anthony & Leo - Sue  Brown

I have fallen for the men in Frankie’s world, and Tony proved to be no exception to that rule. I’d never really given any thought to it but I guess it would be a burden if you were build like a house – or, to stay within the genre, a bear – but are a submissive at heart. Right or wrong, people tend to think about submissives as weak and fragile, and not fitting the stereotype while working in an environment where you are surrounded by others who do match the template, would be painful and wearing. It is hardly surprising that Tony is starting to despair of ever finding the right Dom for him.


Enter Leo, who isn’t a Dom as such but certainly a dominant personality. The fact that Leo isn’t into BDSM before he meets Tony made this story more interesting for me. The two men pretty much make it up as they go along from the moment they meet, but it works for them. I liked that they established an emotional bond before they dived deeper into the world of kink. And I have to admit Leo and Tony are very hot together.


The angst as described in the blurb is more like a short sharp stab than prolonged torture, and for that I was grateful. In fact, something else happens in this book that shocked and hurt me a lot more than Leo’s kiss did, and I do hope Sue Brown will use another book to put matters right for the character involved.

Overall this was a sweet, hot, fascinating and gripping story and I couldn’t put it down once I’d started reading. I’m looking forward to whatever may be coming next.