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Pure Comfort

A Christmas Memory 2 (Memories) - Max Vos, All Indie Publishing, K. C. Wells, A. J. Corza

Reading these Memories books by Max Vos are a bit like wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket, in front of an open fire with a huge mug of hot chocolate (with or without a shot of rum according to your preference) within easy reach – pure comfort.


There’s nothing not to love about JJ and Adam nor the rest of the Sutton family. In fact, when all the Sutton’s get together they remind me a lot of my in-laws. Of course they run into issues and prejudice but problems are dealt with and solved, the broken are healed and love does indeed conquer all. And absolutely nothing happens without a huge helping of wonderful food.

Feel free to say this book glosses over issues, offers solutions which are too easy and an overly idyllic family picture; I’m not even going to argue with you. All I’ll say is that this book made me smile and laugh; I felt wonderful and uplifted when I finished the story and I am already looking forward to reading A Valentine’s Memory in the not too distant future. Sometimes all I demand from my reading is that it entertains me and leaves me feeling better. These books do exactly that.