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Junk - Josephine Myles

This was a wonderful read about two everyday young men with personal issues they have to overcome if they want to have a future together. Jasper’s hoarding problem was fascinating because it was both recognisable and unimaginable to me. I completely get the need to hang on to books and magazines (newspapers not so much), but can’t imagine allowing it to ever get as bad as it gets in Jasper’s case.


Lewis’s fear that Jasper has established a need for his guidance and support rather than fallen for him is understandable, as is his need to for proof that Jasper can function without him around.


It was impossible to read this story and not root for the two men, even as there were moments when I wanted to scream at them to recognize the good thing they had together already. Jasper’s secret broke my heart and Lewis’s insecurity about relationships made me want to wrap him up in a massive hug.


I not only loved the two main characters but fell hard for those they interact with as well. Lewis’s family was laugh out loud funny at times and I can’t wait to read Stuff and get to know Mas better.


All in all this was a wonderful and engrossing read. Besides, what’s not to love about a book in which one of the secondary characters is described as follows:


“Jos. The tall Dutchman...”

Especially since I happen to know a tall Dutchman named Jos. J