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Colour Me Impressed

Limbo - Clare London, Lou Harper

I’m always delighted when I find a unique story; a tale that surprises me and leaves me in awe of the author’s imagination. Limbo is just such a story. I’m not sure how I would tag this book. It’s not really a love story and yet it is brimful of emotion. It’s not ‘just’ a sexy romp either, although things do heat up nicely at one point.


I would call this is a study of what makes us who and what we are, while asking whether our nature is set in stone or adjustable. As such it is irresistible, intriguing and at times almost heartbreaking. The anguish both Yoshiel and Labal experience as a result of their trespass sprang off the page – real and recognisable.


The two ‘men’ together are hot and beautiful and yet that’s not really what this story is about. This is a story is about the before and the after, about learning from each other, embracing change and opportunity and being true to yourself while remaining open to new possibilities.


I really don’t want to say a whole lot more about Limbo. I think this is one of those stories you’ll enjoy most if you come to it from scratch. The slow revelation of what exactly is going on with Yoshiel and Labal and why it is happening had me on the edge of my seat and mesmerized.


To say I wouldn’t have loved to spend more times with Yoshiel and Labal, would be a blatant lie, and if Clare London ever decides to write a ‘what happened next’ story about them, I’ll be among the first to read it. Having said that, you won’t hear me saying this story was too short. I found everything I could have wished for in these 28 pages; the background I needed, an insight into the characters and their plight, a beautiful coming together and a perfect, if somewhat bitter-sweet, ending. Colour me impressed.