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Wonderful comfort read

Strictly Personal - K.C. Wells, S.A. Laybourn, Meredith Russell

I have a confession to make first. This is my first book in the ‘Personal’ series. I know I should read books out of order but when I saw the blurb for Strictly Personal, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to read the story. I mean, what’s not to love about two hot men on a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend.


I knew I’d be reading about characters that had been well established in an earlier story and was prepared to feel at least a little bit lost in this book. Much to my delight I didn’t. Colin and Ed were real and fully fleshed characters for me from the very first page and I got more attached to them as the story progressed.


These two men are hot together and so clearly love each other it was a joy to spend time with them. I felt bad for them when disaster struck and delighted with them when everything turned out just perfect despite the set-backs. The balance between humour, heat, charming and angst was just about perfect for this reader.


Of course now that I’ve fallen for Ed, Colin, Blake and Will I’ll have to go back and read the three previous titles as well. Given that K.C. Wells always tells a hot and gripping story, that won’t be a hardship.