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May to December

Never Wrong - Chris McHart

This was a very enjoyable and engaging May to December romance. There are a lot of dynamics in this stories and a lot of odds stacked against Dean and Jeff finding their happy ending. Both the reader and the characters are in for quite a ride.


For starters there’s the twenty year age difference between them. Something Dean is actually delighted about since he prefers older men, but also something Jeff has issues with. The fact that Jeff has up until recently both ignored and denied his attraction to men doesn’t make things easier and neither does the news that Jeff’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant and doesn’t want to keep the child. Throw Jeff’s mother’s obsession with social niceties into the mix and it is hardly surprising Jeff isn’t entirely sure about himself, Dean, or the future.


I liked that the way each character dealt with the situation they found themselves in, clearly illustrated their age and the difference between them. In general Jeff had the bigger picture in mind and while he occasionally concentrated too much on all the possible pitfalls that didn’t take away from his measured outlook on life. Dean on the other hand does everything with the enthusiasm of youth; he throws himself into his drinking, his loving and his arguing without a lot of thought and even less restraint. And yet, despite all the differences between them and obstacles on their path, Jeff and Dean work together and you, the reader, want them to come to their senses and work it out.


If I have one regret it is that we only saw events from Dean’s perspective. I would have loved a peek into Jeff’s head on a few occasions. Not so much because I felt I missed information – the dialogue between Dean and Jeff made sure I didn’t – but just because I’m curious that way.


This was my second book by Chris McHart and I’ve enjoyed both of them. In both stories the author managed to completely draw me into her character’s lives, and that’s all I ask for when I’m reading. I’m looking forward to whatever may come next.